Mobile Network Test



VoLTE based on IMS: How to ensure voice quality in the field

Mobile operators are now moving towards VoLTE which is based on the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS). This is a critical phase, since voice services still account for a large share of their revenues. This webinar presents the technical background on VoLTE (based on IMS) and explains how to measure voice quality in live networks. It… Read more »


How to automate your RF collection process

Welcome to the new era of RF data collection, where your mobile device becomes your field-based design tool and where integrating this data into an in-building design is now done with a simple click of the mouse. In this webinar, you will learn from industry experts on how to simplify and automate your RF collection… Read more »


Video over LTE – Testing the Next Step in the End User Experience

LTE is the next step in the user experience, enhancing more demanding applications such as video streaming, video conferencing, video chatting, advanced gaming and professional services. Ensuring high quality mobile video transmission is essential. This webinar will illustrate how to establish and test the LTE video transmission link and how the quality of the video… Read more »