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Comparing CW and low duty cycle passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements

The measurement technique used by a PIM analyzer is CW or low duty cycle. The only traceable device available to independently validate a PIM analyzer’s measurement accuracy in the field is a PIM standard. For this technical discussion, the measurement techniques are explored and explained along with the fact that CW and LDC offer similar… Read more »

Testing passive networks in distributed antenna systems (DAS)

In the last decade, worldwide consumer demand for cellular services has driven network operators to strive for better network coverage and within that coverage footprint, better network capacity. Since more than 80 % of cellular traffic comes from inside a building, in-building coverage, and in-building capacity have become a focus of this effort. In addition,… Read more »

Remote Radio Heads in Today’s Evolving RAN Environment

Radio Access Networks (RAN) have evolved considerably from mobile access networks of the past and are helping to drive the “densification” of mobile networks allowing mobile operators to keep up with the heavy traffic demands brought on by 4G/LTE. In this webinar, we look at the forces behind the evolving wireless access network and the… Read more »

Understanding and Testing Carrier Aggregation in the Field

In this webinar, Rohde & Schwarz will present a technical overview of carrier aggregation and specific examples of the most important functional and performance tests. This webinar will provide cell site engineers and technicians with the information they need to test, optimize, and troubleshoot carrier aggregation in the field.

An Introduction to Tools and Techniques for Mobile Network Testing

This webinar provides a practical introduction into the tools and techniques most commonly used in mobile network testing. Topics include cable and antenna testing, RF measurements, signal demodulation, voice and data performance, spectrum clearing and interference hunting, as well as general troubleshooting methodologies. Real-world examples will be used.
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CPRI RE Testing

More and more mobile radio networks implement remote radio equipment (RE) that is connected to the base station main unit via a digital interface using standardized transmission protocols such as CPRI. This application note explains in detail the instrument setup and configuration needed to successfully test your remote radio head.
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Measuring Multistandard Radio Base Stations

3GPP Release 9 Technical Specification (TS) 37.141 covers multistandard radio base station conformance testing. This application note introduces the concept of multistandard radio base stations as well as solutions for transmitter and receiver tests based on R&S® signal generators and R&S® signal and spectrum analyzers.
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LTE Over-The-Air Testing for Base Stations

This application note explains how to perform LTE base station measurements over the air (OTA) using the R&S®FSH4/8/13/20 handheld spectrum analyzer. It describes the required measurement setup and explains the results obtained with the different measurement modes.