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Tutorial Series

5G Technology Beamforming

5G will utilize multiple antenna scenarios such as MIMO and beamforming to help reach its capacity and bandwidth requirements. In this seven minute video, Rohde & Schwarz Technology Manager Reiner Stuhlfauth will discuss these concepts along with some conducted antenna measurement techniques.


5G Technology Multiple Access Schemes Low Density Coding

As part of the discussion on 5G multiple access, low density coding techniques may dramatically increase the capacity and bandwidth for individual users. In this twelve minute video, Rohde & Schwarz Technology Manager Reiner Stuhlfauth explains this interesting new coding scheme for 5G.


5G Technology Multiple Access Schemes Resource Spread

As the densification of networks and the need for more capacity continues, new multiple access technologies will be required to provide a high quality of experience to individual users. In this 5 minute video, Rohde & Schwarz Technology Manager Reiner Stuhlfauth discusses underlying concepts and considerations for new multiple access schemes that are being considered… Read more »


5G Air Interface Aspects

In this 1 hour presentation, expect technology lecturer Reiner Stuhlfauth discusses the key technology aspects of the 5G air interface covering topics such as how 5G will be deployed, use case scenarios, 5G waveform candidates such as filterbank multi-carrier, universal filtered multi-carrier, filtered OFDM, etc. In addition, related topics such as protocol aspects, duplex methods… Read more »


Antenna System Design for 5G Applications

Presented at the 5G Innovation Summit in April 2017, Jeff Shamblin, Chief Scientist from Ethertronics discusses antenna system design for 5G applications, focusing primarily on mmWave system level implications. Sections covered in this presentation 5G Technology and Test Challenges Video Seriesinclude background on mmWave and antenna characteristics, antenna concepts for mmWave applications and gain/beamwidth of… Read more »


Unleashing 5G mm-Waves – a Test & Measurement Perspective

In the past 12 months, research around 5G wireless communications has gained significant momentum, yet it is still unclear what the new physical layer may look like. This poses a challenge for transceiver components such as filters, mixers and amplifiers. This webinar discusses the associated test and measurement aspects and challenges that have been identified,… Read more »

Tutorial Series

Seminar: Technology & Testing Evolution; LTE-Advanced to 5G NR

LTE has been one of the most successful and fastest growing mobile communication technologies ever introduced – and has constantly evolved to keep up with increasing end-user demands and new services. The fifth generation of mobile communications technology, 5G, builds upon many of the technology pillars introduced in LTE, and greatly expands the use cases… Read more »