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5G mmWave – A Challenge for Device Testing and How to Solve It

Presented by: Günter Pfeifer, Market Segment Manager, Rohde & Schwarz, Munich Abstract: 5G NR in the sub 6 GHz frequency range (FR1) can be seen as a natural evolution of LTE to achieve higher bandwidth and more flexibility on the physical layer in order to realize all the new and additional use cases defined for a next-generation… Read more »

Tutorial Series

5G New Radio (NR) Technology Introduction

5G NR will be the new radio interface for 5G. Over the past several years, considerable research and work has been done to move NR forward. In this 9 minute video, technology marketing manager Reiner Stuhlfauth discusses the key technology aspects of NR, based on where the industry is today.

Tutorial Series

5G Radio Framework

Delivering on all of 5G’s use cases will require unique combinations of both existing and new technologies such as multiple access, modulation coding, multiple antenna, protocol aspects, etc. In this 9 minute video, Rohde & Schwarz Technology Manager Reiner Stuhlfauth explores the fundamental technologies that make up the 5G radio framework.


5G Air Interface Aspects

In this 1 hour presentation, expect technology lecturer Reiner Stuhlfauth discusses the key technology aspects of the 5G air interface covering topics such as how 5G will be deployed, use case scenarios, 5G waveform candidates such as filterbank multi-carrier, universal filtered multi-carrier, filtered OFDM, etc. In addition, related topics such as protocol aspects, duplex methods… Read more »