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How about 5G EVM measurements better than 40 dB at 28 GHz

The 28 GHz band is one of the 5G frequency candidates that gains a lot of attention in South Korea and the USA. Signal bandwidths of up to 500 MHz are under discussion. The R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator and R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz deliver the required performance for transmitter and… Read more »


LTE UE RF Measurement

The Rohde & Schwarz webinar focuses on the amendments made to 3GPP TS 36.521-1 and explains the enhanced test definitions. The webinar illustrates on the R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester how the specified RF test cases can be performed and automated, and how the results can be interpreted.


WiFi traffic offload LTE

This webinar provides an overview of the Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE as standardized by 3GPP. The enhancements for Wi-Fi standardized by IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance are also explained. This includes access methods in the joint network, security, IP mobility, as well as network discovery and selection. Furthermore, the webinar takes a look at… Read more »


WLAN Offloading and In Device Coexistence Tests

Rohde & Schwarz presented the first single box test platform for WLAN offloading, as well as for in-device coexistence tests at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. Equipped with the LTE CallBox and WLAN signaling option, enables simultaneous LTE end-to-end and WLAN measurements on mobile devices. The R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester supports… Read more »


Does Your LTE Network Meet the Expectations

This webinar will explain how to determine the end user performance in a real life LTE network. It provides the key performance indicators to measure and to analyze in order to detect the root of a potential challenge in the network. Based on real life LTE network measurements the coherence of test results will be… Read more »


Challenges in Testing Multistandard Radio Base Stations

This webinar provides an overview of new developments in the design of mobile radio base stations. It explains the new transmitter test requirements in accordance with 3GPP TS 37.141 and demonstrates how to efficiently troubleshoot multi-standard base stations beyond these requirements using an advanced signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz


Optimizing QoE for Mobile Devices Using IP Analysis

This webinar will illustrate the implication of applications installed on a smartphone or tablet PC in terms of number of IP connections, list of protocols including protocol name resolution, TCP performance and data volume statistics.