Tutorial Series

The Practice of Interference Hunting – The Basics

Radio interference affects our ability to communicate and is a big problem.  Learning how to identify interference, the sources and the solutions is getting a lot of attention in recent years. This webinar discusses radio interference and a basic understanding of why it is a problem, what to look for and adverse effects on radio receivers.

Users attending this session will:

  • Learn how to identify radio interference
  • Be shown how radio noise and radio interference affects receiver performance in wireless networks.
  • Learn the top five sources of interference and why they are important.
  • Better understand the role of government regulators and how they fit into spectrum management and frequency control.
  • Learn how to use interference hunting equipment, such as spectrum monitors and spectrum analyzers – in general terms.

Who should attend?

  • System performance engineers
  • Wireless technicians
  • Wireless managers
  • Wireless network operators

In subsequent webinars we will discuss testing and measurement procedures in detail, how to identify interference and record the results.