Webinar: The 5G Evolution: Fundamentals

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5G is evolving – from an adjunct technology to a solid communications standard that will change how we communicate with each other and the things around us.  Although for many, it feels like we just got here, the evolution of 5G has already begun. With exciting new capabilities and features, 5G will open up countless new use cases all while paving the road forward towards 6G.

Join us for this special two-part event, where expert lecturer Reiner Stuhlfauth will firstly explain the underlying technologies that have made 5G possible, leading into where we are today with 5G. Following this, he will then turn his attention to where 5G is headed, what new technologies will be introduced in 3gpp Release 16 and 17, and how these new capabilities will affect the overall 5G evolution. 

The 5G Fundamentals: The Fundamentals

  • 5G NR – current situation
  • Motivation and services offered by 5G NR 
  • Status update: Where are we with 5G, spectrum, deployments, visions? 
  • Spectrum situation today FR1 and FR2 
  • 5G NR infrastructure aspects: Deployment scenarios: NSA and SA mode

5G NR air interface

  • 5G numerologies based on OFDMA
  • Physical channels 
  • Physical signals in 5G 

5G NR – RAN implementation and UE procedures             

  • Initial access and synchronization in 5G NR – the concept of SSB
  • Connection setup in NSA and SA, from random access to data flow
  • Massive MIMO, what is it and how will it be used in 5G. Beamforming, spatial multiplexing, SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO, channel status acquisition
  • Beamforming support – how do network and UE interact? UCI reporting
  • Coexistence between LTE and 5G: UL/DL decoupling and dynamic shared spectrum DSS as two methods to improve 5G coverage
  • Mobility scenarios: beam switching, handover scenarios, dual connectivity, inter-RAT aspects

5G NR – OTA testing aspects        

  • OTA, over the air the new paradigm in T&M.
  • OTA methods for FR1 and FR2, and for UEs and Base stations
  • What are the important antenna measurement parameters? TRP, EIRP, TIS, gain, etc. 
  • How to measure field strength in 5G, EMF measurements, the current discussion between regulators and industry, what we understand so far?

5G NR security aspects – brief intro in major security aspects