Testing passive networks in distributed antenna systems (DAS)

In the last decade, worldwide consumer demand for cellular services has driven network operators to strive for better network coverage and within that coverage footprint, better network capacity. Since more than 80 % of cellular traffic comes from inside a building, in-building coverage, and in-building capacity have become a focus of this effort. In addition, in many countries, emergency service providers require cellular access in all areas of large buildings, adding to the importance of in-building coverage.  Overall, global growth in the distributed antenna systems (DAS) market is projected to be above 10 % CAGR through 2023, reflecting a growth from around 8 billion USD to about 14 billion USD by 2023. This has created a thriving infrastructure of contractors who install and test DAS and work with the often complex cable and antenna systems. This white paper will focus on these DAS-oriented cable and antenna tests.

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