Tutorial Series

Seminar: Technology & Testing Evolution; LTE-Advanced to 5G NR

LTE has been one of the most successful and fastest growing mobile communication technologies ever introduced – and has constantly evolved to keep up with increasing end-user demands and new services. The fifth generation of mobile communications technology, 5G, builds upon many of the technology pillars introduced in LTE, and greatly expands the use cases around mobile broadband, massive M2M communications and ultra-low latency networks. With 5G trials underway, and the completion of Release 15 (non-standalone) specifications in December, more information is known today about 5G New Radio’s (NR) physical layer and higher-level protocols.

In this seminar, you will learn about the key technology and testing aspects as part of the LTE evolution towards 5G (3GPP Release 13 & 14), in addition to learning about new technologies and features that will be introduced with 3GPP Release 15 (5G).

Reiner Stuhlfauth
Technology Manager Wireless

Reiner Stuhlfauth is a Technology Marketing Manager working in the Wireless market segment of Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, Germany.

He is responsible for teaching and promoting mobile communication technologies, especially cellular standards like: GSM, (E)GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and LTE-Advanced, but also non-cellular technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth. He is also involved in a number of projects concerning 5G, the next mobile communication technology.