SMBV100B Vector Signal Generator

Combines Performance and Usability


5G new radio (NR) continues to evolve and take shape as the next preeminent mobile wireless standard. Given the unique and complex nature of its underlying foundation, new test methodology has been formulated to ensure the transition from an R&D environment to manufacturing does not compromise performance. The new 5G NR standard requires flexibility from a measurement solution to address scalability for ever-increasing carrier frequencies, channel bandwidths, and support for an expansive field of component and small-cell device characterizations without negatively impacting test times and quality. Adapting solutions to address these challenges requires a renewed focus on performance, test flexibility, speed and usability.

Solution Description

The SMBV100B Vector Signal Generator from Rohde & Schwarz offers the perfect combination of performance and usability to meet the measurement challenges posed by 5G NR. Exhibiting class-leading RF performance, which delivers high-quality, high-power RF signals, the SMBV100B enables the true performance of the device under test (DUT) to be measured. With scalable bandwidth up to 500 MHz, the SMBV100B can be meet today’s latest test requirements – and those expected in the future. Along with the specific 5G NR measurement personality, the SMBV100B supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi® and GNSS, allowing all technologies within the DUT to be tested.

Lowest EVM in Class. Clean test signals enable the true performance of the DUT to be found. Improved accuracy results in better repeatability, enabling smaller test margins. The SMBV100B automatically compensates for errors caused by external components between the signal generators and the DUT. The generator also removes errors with real-time adjustment of signals to ensure the signals with lowest EVM are applied to the DUT.

500 MHz Modulation Bandwidth. This generator can create single-channel or multi-channel 5G NR signals in a single box to multiple channels. It uses a single box for all test cases, with no hardware replacement required when testing requirements change, preserving your investment in this product platform.

Highest Output Power. The SMBV100B has enough power to over loss within the test set up, thus removing the need for external amplifiers. It also reduces complexity and cost while improving repeatability and uncertainty.

Usability. A multi-touch display provides you with a very intuitive measurement approach. Test scripts can be easily developed using the embedded SCPI recorder, which shortens overall test scenario code development and complexity.

Key Product Benefits

Signal Purity. By offering better test margins in demanding high-performance 5G devices, the SMBV100B has class-leading EVM performance. Lower EVM test signals improve test accuracy, enabling reduced test margins.

Highest Output Power. By producing signals at ultra-high output power levels that have the highest signal purity, the SMBV100B eliminates the need for external amplifiers and filters. This simplifies the test setup and improves repeatability.

Correcting for Test Set-Up. The test fixtures and any components between the generator and DUT always affect the test signal. As signals get wider, this problem becomes larger. The SMBV100B automatically compensates for these losses, and moves the test plane from the generator to the input of the DUT.

Bandwidth for Today and the Future. 5G mobile devices and base stations both require larger RF bandwidths to support faster data rates. The SMBV100B offers scalable modulation bandwidths up to 500 MHz. It also enables bandwidth upgrades quickly via convenient keycodes.

Usability. The SCPI Recorder makes programming of executable control scripts much faster and easier, while the large GUI enables simple and fast set-up of complex signals.

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