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ROMES4 is the universal software platform for Rohde & Schwarz’s network engineering and network optimization systems. In combination with other test and measurement equipment, such as wireless communications scanners and test mobile phones, it provides solutions for all essential tasks involved in coverage measurements, interference identification, performance measurements and quality analysis in mobile networks. In addition to measuring and displaying test parameters, data is processed instantly and statistics are calculated in real-time.

Broad Support: ROMES4 drive test software supports RF measurements, new and legacy cellular and wireless standards, including 5G NR, GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/ HSPA+, CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO Rev. A, WLAN (IEEE802.11a, b, g, n), WiMAX™ (IEEE802.16e), LTE, NB‑IoT/Cat NB1, LTE-M, DVB-T, DVB-H and TETRA.

5G_NR Network Optimization: 5G NR is expected to become the leading radio access technology in the next few years, and ROMES4 drive test software is positioned very well for this environment. ROMES4 supports the latest iterations of the 5G NR standard and is being continuously updated to reflect the changing ecosystem. ROMES4 supports both scanner-based measurements (using the R&S TSME6 and TSMA6) and Qualcomm-based 5G UE measurements. Whether you’re in FR1 or FR2, ROMES4 can support the measurement of specific beam indices, NSA and SA deployments, as well as 5G-specific NR serving cell information.

NB-IoT/Cat NB1 Network Coverage: ROMES4 enables IoT measurements in NB-IoT/Cat NB1 and LTE-M networks. These networks are 3GPP standards that support the connection of a huge number of smart devices to the internet (IoT). As more devices get deployed, a lightweight and versatile measurement solution will be necessary for measuring indoor and outdoor connecting links. ROMES4, in combination with a Rohde & Schwarz scanner fulfills this need by measuring signal quality and power relevant for an IoT network.

Indoor Measurements: More than half of today’s voice and data traffic is generated in indoor environments such as offices, shopping malls, airports, subways and event venues. ROMES4 offers an alternative to conventional navigation displays due to limited GPS reception indoors. ROMES4 allows an indoor floor plan to be utilized to make measurements at possible positions inside a building. This can be integrated seamlessly with outdoor measurements to allow for optimal transition from indoor–to-outdoor or outdoor-to–indoor environments.

Easy-to-Operate and Flexible Drive Test Tool

ROMES4 is designed to be operated by novice users as well as seasoned network engineers; the user interface is customizable and can be adapted to the user’s level of expertise. With pre-defined and user-defined workspaces and projects, ROMES is ready to use with minimal setup time. In addition to built-in wizards and configurators, a user can get the most out of their drive test very efficiently.

Seamless Post Processing and Analytics

ROMES4NPA, the ROMES4 network performance analyzer, is an optional software that uses powerful algorithms to analyze and document trouble spots in a network, and quickly and easily displays them on commonly used maps. Guided through the process by an easy-to-use user interface, measurement data is analyzed according to criteria adapted to application specific values and settings.

How to Test NB-IoT Network Coverage

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