RF Sampling Architecture Drives LTE, 4.5G and Beyond

Russell Hoppenstein — Texas Instruments
The migration to next generation LTE systems will push for systems to handle larger bandwidths, higher frequencies, and increased density. The introduction of high sampling speed data converters facilitates directly sampling high bandwidth RF signals without having to implement a traditional mixing stage. The RF sampling converter incorporates new features in the digital realm to enable agile tuning, multi-band support, and manageable data rates to/from FPGA or processor. Proper frequency planning is introduced by adjustment of the sample clock to open up clean spectrum for maximum dynamic range and minimum spurious emissions which is needed for the standard. Digital data is transferred via serial link per the universally adopted JESD204B standard. The simplified architecture coupled with reduction in digital data lines allows for higher density systems that are needed for beam-forming and massive MIMO anticipated in next generation systems.