Real-world challenges in a LTE connected world

Keith Radousky — Quintel Solutions
Wireless subscribers are, and will continue to be ravenous for more bits. Forecasts of exponential data traffic growth have come true. Also VoLTE is now launching which exacerbates the capacity problem and just as important is the need for QoE. Carriers are scrambling to add capacity by deploying additional infrastructure including new Macrocells, LTE carriers, LTE 4Tx-4Rx, Cloud RAN, DAS and Small Cells. DAS and Small Cells are getting much attention but they are only feasible in a very small footprint of the network. More attention is needed on how to increase capacity on existing Macrocells and deploy Cloud-RAN. Accordingly, this session will focus on deploying LTE Advanced (4Tx-4Rx and 8Tx-8Rx) and more bands (600MHz, AWS-3) on Macrocells and realize Cloud-RAN. The growing problem of LTE uplink interference will also be discussed along with mitigation options.