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Intuitive Quality and Network Performance Measurements

The Rohde and Schwarz QualiPoc Android™-based tool for voice, data and RF optimization sets a new industry standard in mobile network testing. QualiPoc runs on the industry’s latest Android-based smartphones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and Sony Xperia devices. QualiPoc records and saves information in a measurement file for replays or detailed analysis with Rohde & Schwarz MNT’s post-processing software, and it has extensive test functions for voice, data, video streaming and app service tests to reflect the real end-user experience QoS/QoE within a mobile network.

QualiPoc offers an intuitive, fully customizable user interface with multiple displays that can show measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. The QualiPoc Android tool is a cost-efficient and powerful pocket solution for every network optimization, benchmarking and RF engineer in the field.

Non-Referenced Video Testing: QualiPoc Android excels at hybrid non-reference objective perceptual video quality measurements using algorithm J.343.1, which means is that IP-based video streaming services can be easily measured on the QualiPoc device without the need for a video reference server. This is much simpler and easier to implement than traditional fully-referenced-based approaches.

Versatility of Testing: QualiPoc Android has multiple comprehensive use cases for benchmarking, site installation, site testing, along with indoor and outdoor network optimization. A network engineer can perform several data traffic tests as well as monitor each cell sector and carrier frequency using our advanced forcing functions with no reboot required.

Enhanced Map Monitor: More than half of today’s voice and data traffic is generated in indoor environments such as offices, shopping malls, airports, subways and event venues. With support of iBwave files, multi-floorplan navigation, integrated geo-referenced floor plans, QualiPoc supports indoor and outdoor measurements efficiently in a single-software platform.  

Scalable Benchmarking and Network Optimization: QualiPoc provides an extensive set of service tests on a full range of cellular technologies. QualiPoc systems can be deployed as everything from single technology (single use-case measurement nodes) all the way up to large multi-technology, multi-carrier and multi-test functionality systems. QualiPoc can also control drive test scanners to get more fidelity into what is going on in a given network.

Comprehensive Feature Set on a Handheld

The Qualipoc Android tool provides an extensive set of service tests. With support for call testing, messaging, voice quality, data, video streaming, video quality and app testing, QualiPoc can objectively measure QoE/QoS metrics that are relevant to today’s smartphone users.

As Easy to Use as a Smartphone

Qualipoc Android is well known for its ease of use and easy manipulation of its multi-functional capabilities. Qualipoc Android allows the user to fully customize the user interface, which allows for straightforward views of multiple technology and multiple KPI monitoring. With over 300 parameters from layer 3, device information and test KPIs, the end user can customize endless configurations for receiving real-time information about the network.

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