Generating 5G Test Signals

Although there is no 5G standard defined yet, it is clear from the initial frequency bands under investigation (multiple different bands up to 40 GHz) and bandwidth (up to 800 MHz) being used that 5G is going to be a significant technical challenge.  Working at these microwave frequencies is difficult enough, however when you start adding wideband signals the level of difficulty increases significantly.  Being able to accurately and repeatability generate high quality test signals is challenge for all engineers.  Given all the technical challenges related to 5G, spending time, effort and resources on producing high quality 5G test signals is the last thing engineers want to do.

Solution Description

The SMW200A Vector Signal Generator is the only single box solution that is capable of producing these wideband 5G signals at frequencies up to 40 GHz.  A fully calibrated, specified generator that is easy to use makes creating wideband signals at these high frequency a painless tasks.  Outstanding RF performance is complimented with internal generation of5G signals, making the SMW200A the leading solution for generating accurate, repeatable 5G test signals.

Single Box Solution – No extra manual calibration required.  SMW is a fully calibrated, specified generator that does not require the user to run any calibration routines

2 GHz Bandwidth – Easily supports 8x Carrier Aggregation testing scenarios

Excellent EVM Performance – Very clean test signals enable the true performance of the DUT to be found

Internal Generation of 5G and 4G Signals – No extra PC required to create test signals. Everything created internally by the SMW and in compliance with the industry standards

Performance that Delivers Results

With exception RF flatness over 2 GHz of bandwidth the SMW can produce 5G test signals with extremely low EVM.  With high quality, clean test signals, you are measuring the Device Under Test, not the signal generator.

Internal Signal Generation

With built in software options for Verizon 5G Technical Forum, 5G Candidate waveforms and legacy 4G, creating and defining your test signals is simple task.  With a high resolution touch screen display the SMW enables these signals to be set up with a few key strokes.  Making it easy to do and removing the need for an external PC.

Single Box Solution Guarantees Performance

As a single box solution, the SMW200A offers fully calibrated and specified performance.  No need to manage a complex set up with multiple instruments that require an external calibration process and offer no guaranteed specifications. With the SMW200A the performance is guaranteed and you can be sure you will get the same results time after time, and from set up to set up.

The Perfect Complement

With 1200 MHz internal analysis bandwidth and frequency coverage up to 85 GHz, the FSW Signal analyzer is a perfect complement to the SMW200A.  With it’s outstanding RF performance and powerful analysis capabilities, the FSW combines with the SMW200A to make leading solution for 5G physical layer testing.

R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

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R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator

5G NR Testing in the Sub 6 GZ mmWave Range

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