Analyzing 5G Signals

The race towards 5G has started and is progressing with lightning speed. As various proposals and approaches towards meeting the high data rate requirements for end-users are being developed, it is apparent that designers need versatile test tools that allows them to easily adapt to the changing wireless landscape. With sub 6 GHz, µwave, and mmwave carrier frequency ranges all in consideration, coupled with wideband signal waveforms, analysis requirements for both spectrum and modulation domains pose significant test challenges. Fast, repeatable and accurate measurements are required to ensure proper signal characterization over ever-increasing frequency ranges with minimal test complexity.

Solution Description

The FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer is the ideal solution for the demanding research and engineering requirements of 5G. With unmatched performance and flexibility, the R&S FSW family of signal and spectrum analyzers can address RF carrier measurements up to 90 GHz and internal IQ signal analysis bandwidths up to 2 GHz. The FSW family provides industry leading EVM measurements for wideband signals, and dedicated personalities addressing all current and future 5G standards such as LTE, V5GTF, and 5G NR.

Single Box Solution to 90 GHz – No need for external down-conversion components simplifies test setups and increases measurement accuracy. Simplifies E-Band test requirements.

2 GHz Analysis Bandwidth – Easily supports 8x Carrier Aggregation testing scenarios, with industry leading EVM.

Single Carrier and OFDM Analysis Capability – Ability to assess performance of OFDM based 5G air-interface candidate waveforms, or other single carrier customer modulation formats.

Amplifier Measurement – Ability to measure EVM on any digitally modulated signal and linearize test setup so as to maximize spectral performance. Important for designers developing amplifiers which need to operate over very wide signal bandwidths.

Unparalleled High Frequency and Wideband Analysis

FSW43 / FSW50 can address the analysis of the entire 800 MHz signal BW of the V5GTF specification and 5G NR modulation requirements. A scalable 1.2 GHz digitizer can be upgraded to 2 GHz with just a keycode.

Amplifier Characterization

With up to 2 GHz of available analysis bandwidth, options FSW-K18/K18D can characterize power amplifiers by showing nonlinear effects of AM/AM and AM/PM distortions. They can additionally be used to linearize test setups to achieve better spectral performance.

The Solution For All Current And Future 5G Test Challenges

The FSW family is well positioned for all current LTE and future measurements tasks which the 5G wave will require from the design community, with single carrier and OFDM signal characterization in place, coupled with ease of use and industry leading platform performance.

The Perfect Complement

With 2000 MHz internal signal generation bandwidth, the SMW200A Vector Signal Generator is a perfect complement to the FSW for 5G analysis.  Both instruments are optimized at the factory for flatness, without any additional accessories and provide industry leading inherent EVM for wideband signal measurements.

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The Rohde Schwarz RS®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

5G NR Testing in the Sub 6 GZ mmWave Range

Popular Options & Accessories

1200 MHz Analysis Bandwidth: R&S®FSW-B1200
2000 MHz Analysis Bandwidth (keycode upgrade if B1200 in place): R&S®FSW-B2001
Amplifier / Direct DPD Measurements: R&S®FSW-K18 / K18D
Frequency Extension to 90 GHz – FSW85: R&S®FSW-B90G
Verizon 5GTF DL / UL: R&S®FSW-K118 / K119
5GT NR DL / UL: R&S®FSW-K144 / K145
VSE Base Software: R&S®VSE
OFDM Signal Analysis: R&S®VSE-K96