Mobile Network Testing from Lab to End-User Experience

Here you can find a variety of resources to help you objectively measure and assess the performance of mobile networks and services to efficiently deliver higher quality service for customers. Check back often.

New MNT Technical Docs

Technical Documents

Network Performance Score

This white paper describes the structure and application of an integrated and transparent methodology to characterize mobile network performance.
Technical Documents

Understanding PIM

A subtle, but widespread, cause of interference in radio frequency networks in general, and cellular networks in particular, is something called passive intermodulation, or PIM. This paper explains what PIM is, common sources of PIM, how PIM is identified and tested, and the different ways in which PIM sources can be located in the field.
Application Notes

5G NR network measurements using network scanners and advanced data analytics

This Application Note highlights where users of network scanners will benefit and what can be analyzed.

New MNT Videos


5G Network Quality Validation – Today and the Future

This webinar uses real measurements from the first commercial deployments of 5G to analyze the true performance and quality of 5G networks, examine its ability to support defined use cases and take a forward look to the emergence of a more reactive, reliable and higher capacity network able to support demanding use cases.

Video: Understanding PIM

This video explains the basic technical principles behind Passive Intermodulation (PIM), why PIM is an issue in wireless communications, and how to test PIM in the field.

Ensure successful 5G site testing and acceptance

This webinar uses a real case study from the first pervasive 5G network in Europe to examine the importance of site acceptance testing, identify the various deployment scenarios and define an efficient methodology to test the associated KPIs to ensure delivery of QoE to the 5G end user.

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