LTE network optimization for public safety

Michael Schwab — P3 Communications, Inc
Public Safety and Critical Communications
Entities have been focusing on speech services and low data rate applications for decades. Nowadays information flow is frequently limited by interoperability problems like different standards or independent systems. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) has a chance to revolutionize the public safety sector and its processes.

The FirstNet 700 MHz LTE vision is the first broadband initiative to be designed for the needs of first responders in the United States. FirstNet has not yet disclosed details about the network, capabilities and roadmap. The industry is waiting for the upcoming RFP to contribute and to build a nationwide network within the next 7 years. During this period, appropriate amounts of the Public Safety Trust Fund will remain available.

P3 communications performed measurements during the rollout of New Jersey’s LTE network (JerseyNet). JerseyNet intents to have a functional Public Safety LTE network by end of June 2015 in 3 geographical areas.