LTE-Advanced Pro Introduction eMBB Technology Components in 3GPP Release 13/14

This white paper summarizes the LTE-Advanced Pro enhancements in 3GPP Releases 13 and 14 that address the mobile broadband use case. More detailed descriptions of the enhancements in 3GPP Releases 10, 11 and 12 are available in [1], [2] and [3].

When LTE was first specified as a fourth generation cellular communication technology, the main target
use case was to provide high data rate services to mobile end users, e.g. smartphones. With the recent
enhancements provided by 3GPP Release 10 through 3GPP Release 12, also known as LTE-Advanced, the
mobile data use case remained dominant although additional improvements such as NB-IoT and device-to-device communications indicated optimization towards new and diverse use cases. From 3GPP Release 13
onward, further improvements clearly lead towards the support of a triangle of use cases similar to those
addressed by 5G. In addition to efficient support of enhanced mobile broadband services, the aim is to cost efficiently support massive machine type connectivity as well as low latency and reliable communications
motivated by vertical industries such as automotive, eHealth and robots.