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Wireless Interference: The Art of Interference Hunting – Tips and Tricks

The Art of Interference Hunting – Tips and Tricks

There are good radio signals, and there are bad radio signals, often called interference. How do you know? There are many ways to find radio interference such as Intermodulation, multipathing, PIM and radio noise, to name a few.

This webinar will look at the science, and sometimes more importantly, the art of radio interference hunting through years of in-the-field experience identifying and mitigating interferers.

Users attending this webinar will:

  • Learn best practices – tried and true results of actual cases
  • Be shown a few of the art forms used by experienced technicians for finding interference
  • Be provided resource information on how to identify and mitigate radio interference
  • Better understand what a problem is and what can be expected when viewing radio spectrum.

Who should attend this session?

  • Radio Performance Engineers
  • Wireless managers and directors
  • Engineering personnel
  • Anyone who’s job requires managing radio systems and performance
  • IT and data personnel who are now required to include RF in their workflow


Thomas K. Dover
President, DTS Inc

Tom Dover has spent an entire career managing, maintaining and teaching telecommunication networks. His experience includes telecommunication technology fundamentals, specialty equipment and safety programs for utility companies, government agencies and private organizations.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Utah, and holds an FCC General Class license. He has delivered training at over 300 sites nationwide, authored over 20 technical and non-technical live and on-line courses for all faces of the telecommunication and wireless industries. Tom is an authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor for the Construction industries. He has worked with training partners and equipment vendors to provide certification training for subjects such as Antenna Line Sweep, Passive Intermodulation, and Fiber to the Antenna including Distributed Antenna Systems. Over 2000 students have been PIM certified via DTS and our training partners.

Tom is the President of DTS, Inc a Utah based training company, focusing on teaching telecommunication professionals and integrators who install, test and maintain wireless networks in a safe and efficient manner.