Interference Hunting in 5G Networks

The tools and techniques used in interference hunting have remained largely the same across previous generations of cellular technologies. Differences in modulation, bandwidth, and frequency bands for 5G networks will however require substantial changes in how interference is detected, located, and resolved in 5G networks.
This webinar will provide a short overview of pre-5G interference hunting methodologies, a discussion of the main differences between pre-5G and 5G networks, and an in-depth look at how tools and techniques will need to be adapted for effective interference hunting in 5G networks. Particular attention will be paid to issues such as the impact of frequency allocations, spectrum clearing and baselining, and practical advice on detection and location of active interferers. The webinar will conclude with recommendations for further study as well as a question and answer session.
Paul Denisowksi, Applications Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz