5G Signal Analysis

FSV3000 and FSVA3000 Signal and Spectrum Analyzers

Analyze 5G Test Signals

The complexity inherent in the 5G NR standard requires flexibility in the measurement solution to address scalability for ever-increasing carrier frequencies, channel bandwidths, and support for an expansive field of component and small-cell device characterizations, without negatively impacting test times and quality. The FSV3000 and FSVA3000 family of signal and spectrum analyzers is well suited to meet the measurement challenges presented by the 5G NR standard. These new challenges can easily be addressed through scalable IQ analysis bandwidths up to 400 MHz, test code development times and complexity in C++, python, and a shortening of MatLab through the embedded SCPI recorder.

Increased Performance. With carrier frequency support up to 44 GHz, class-leading phase noise, and EVM performance of less than one percent for a 100 MHz 5G NR signal, all current 5G NR bands of interest can be tested in production, to the full degree of the 5G NR standards.

Scalable Analysis Bandwidths and Faster Test Speed. The FSV3000 can measure two 5G NR carriers simultaneously, and the FSVA3000 can accommodate four simultaneous carriers, providing flexibility by assessing modulation quality in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the FSV3000 and FSVA3000 family architecture offers a rapid assessment of performance in spectral- and modulation-quality measurements, further reducing overall test time.

Ease of Use. Multi-touch displays on the FSV3000 and FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzers provide the customer with an intuitive measurement approach, and test scripts can be easily developed using the embedded SCPI recorder, shortening overall test scenario code development. Additional features, such as a smart generator control, create test environments coupled with vector signal generators that further reduce test development time and speed time to market.

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The Perfect Complement: SMBV100B Vector Signal Generator

Achieve further test enhancement with the SMBV100B vector signal generator. The SMBV100B uses a smart generator control functionality which forms a generation and analysis solution virtually in one box.

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