Ensuring VoLTE QoS in a Stressed Environment

Paolo Marini — Prisma Telecom Testing
Ensuring VoLTE QoS meets customers expectations Is VoLTE competing with or just complementing OTT-mediated VoIP Services (OTT Voice, such as Skype)? Service Providers propose VoLTE as an enhanced, efficient, reliable primary voice service – but Customers expect QUALITY ! End-to-end QoS validation is essential before VoLTE deployment! Unlike 2.5/3G networks, a 4G network is able, thanks to QoS and DiffServ, to identify, track and deliver traffic flows with specific QoS characteristics for latency, jitter, packet loss and error rates. LTE RAN functionality heavily impacts end-to-end QoS, thus RAN validation is central to delivering optimal voice services. Correct implementation of VoLTE ensures a much better quality than 3G or OTT Voice, with improvements such as lower delays, lower setup times, lower resource usage. Correct VoLTE implementation improves network efficiency maintaining legacy voice services quality.