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Technology Update on Over-The-Air (OTA) Test Systems

Derek Skousen — Bluetest | Thorsten Hertel — Rohde & Schwarz This joint presentation will provide a high-level overview of over-the-air (OTA) testing now and into the future including the use of dynamic multipath environments. We will also discuss multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) OTA test methodologies, how they are being addressed by the standard’s organisations, and… Read more »


Testing New Mobile Device Technologies: Lessons Learned

Louis LaMedica — Wireless Consultant (formerly Verizon Wireless) In this presentation, Louis LaMedica helps unravel the mystery and share his invaluable experience behind what it takes to get a mobile device certified and network ready. Louis shares his unique perspectives and experience on test strategies, the device and network testing process, conformance vs. performance testing,… Read more »


Wide-Area 3D Indoor Positioning Using a Metropolitan Beacon System

Christian Gates – NextNav LLC A wide-area terrestrial system based on a precisely-synchronized beacon infrastructure can provide more accurate 3D positioning across large geographic areas. In this presentation, we will discuss this technology and its implications through various applications and use cases.


Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) for LTE

Hans Agardh – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. LTE Broadcast service has been launched commercially in Korea on a smartphone with a broadcast-enabled Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. SFN technology is used to distribute broadcast streams into well-defined broadcast areas where all cells contributing to an SFN send the same data during exactly the same radio time-slots and… Read more »


Mobile Device Certification from a Japanese Perspective: What you Need to Know

Hiroyuki Togashi – DSP Research, Inc. In this presentation, we will explore mobile device certification from a Japanese perspective taking into account unique customer and market requirements, and regulatory conditions driven by Japan Telecommunication Business law and how these forces impact testing methods and processes for mobile devices that will be used in Japan.


Advanced LTE Network Optimization

Peter Seidenberg — P3 Communications VoLTE and OTP services like eMBMNs will bring additional challenges for real-time applications like voice and video, together with higher bandwidth demand and balanced QoS management. Key to improve customer experience are proven optimization approaches based on end-to-end measurements and network assessments with a holistic view on services.


Putting the “Long Term” in Long Term Evolution

Francis Sideco — IHS Research and Analysis Kicking off this year’s LTE Innovation Summit, we will explore what lies beyond today’s LTE and what we as ecosystem participants can do to put the “Long Term” in Long Term Evolution.


Testing LTE-U Devices

Amit Khanna — Rohde & Schwarz LTE-U, or LTE in the unlicensed 5GHz band, is a hot new technology being proposed to address the current capacity crunch for mobile operators. Through carrier aggregation, LTE in the unlicensed spectrum is combined with LTE in the licensed band to provide additional bandwidth and a fatter data pipe.… Read more »