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An Introduction to Tools and Techniques for Mobile Network Testing

This webinar provides a practical introduction into the tools and techniques most commonly used in mobile network testing. Topics include cable and antenna testing, RF measurements, signal demodulation, voice and data performance, spectrum clearing and interference hunting, as well as general troubleshooting methodologies. Real-world examples will be used.


Art & Science of Interference Hunting

The rapid spread of wireless technologies has been accompanied by an increase in interference issues. Timely and efficient resolution of these issues is critical in avoiding service interruptions and in guaranteeing quality of service. This webinar will discuss common sources and types of interference, fundamentals of radiolocation/direction finding, general suggestions/best practices for the engineer in… Read more »


Comparison of Radio Direction-Finding Technologies

Direction finding (or radiolocation) is an essential part of interference hunting and spectrum management activities. This presentation provides a technical introduction to the area of radio direction finding and discusses the fundamental principles of direction finding in the most common DF methodologies, including manual direction finding, Doppler, time difference of arrival, Watson-Watt, and correlative interferometry.… Read more »


Interference Hunting for Quality of Experience

The rapid spread of wireless technologies has resulted in an increase in interference issues. In today’s highly competitive mobile market, timely and efficient resolution of these issues is critical for operators to deliver a high quality of experience. This presentation discusses the impact of interference on operators, common sources and types of interference, fundamentals of… Read more »


Understanding Common Sources of Interference in LTE Networks

Although many types of interference are common to all radio access technologies, the combination of new frequency allocations and new modulation types have created unique interference challenges for LTE deployments in the United States. This webinar uses real-world examples to discuss the most common sources of interference found in LTE networks today (such as bidirectional… Read more »


Video over LTE

LTE is the next step in the user experience, enhancing more demanding applications such as video streaming, video conferencing, video chatting, advanced gaming and professional services. This webinar will illustrate how to establish and test the LTE video transmission link, and how the quality of the video transmission links can be measured under real-life propagation… Read more »


Optimizing the Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile devices using IP analysis

This webinar will illustrate the impact of applications installed on a smartphone or tablet PC in terms of the number of IP connections, list of protocols including protocol name resolution, TCP performance and data volume statistics. It further outlines how QoE can be optimized by applying IP analysis and protocol statistics functionality using leading test… Read more »


Does your LTE network meet expectations?

This webinar will explain how to determine the end user performance in real-world LTE networks. It provides the key performance indicators to measure and analyze the parameters that impact network performance. Based on real life LTE network measurements, the rationale of test results will be explained and approaches on how to solve potential issues will… Read more »


Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE

This webinar provides an overview of the Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE as standardized by 3GPP. The enhancements for Wi-Fi standardized by IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance are also explained. This includes access methods in the joint network, security, IP mobility, as well as network discovery and selection. Finally, the webinar takes a look at… Read more »