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Detecting & Locating Interference from Bidirectional Amplifiers

Oscillation caused by insufficient path loss between a bidirectional amplifier’s (BDA) donor and serving antennas is one of the most common and most serious forms of interference in cellular networks. This white paper provides a general overview of how BDAs work, the conditions leading to oscillation, and practical information for identifying and locating oscillating BDAs.

Identifying and Locating Short-Duration Interferers

The ability to efficiently detect, analyze and locate sources of radio-frequency interference has become increasingly important in modern wireless networks. Unlike constant or near-constant sources, so-called short-duration interferers can only be detected for brief periods of time and therefore special tools and techniques are often required when searching for these types of signals. This paper… Read more »

Voice Quality with ITU P.863 ‘POLQA’

ITU P.863 ‘POLQA’ is a new measure for objective speech quality assessment. In this white paper, we discuss in-depth the development and working of P.863 and its implications for quantifying speech quality in mobile networks.

An Introduction to Measuring Quality and MOS Testing

Obtaining an accurate estimate of voice or video quality depends on many factors. First and foremost, it depends upon how the ‘experiment’ is defined and executed. Many techniques for assessing voice and video quality exist today with the most popular – and least understood – being the Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This white-paper takes a… Read more »

Testing and Benchmarking of Video Services

Popular video services such as NetFlix, Hulu, iTunes, etc, are transitioning from cable and satellite delivery systems to mobile technologies. Cisco Systems predicts that 66% of all mobile data will be video by 2014. This paper discusses challenges and implications for mobile operators in delivering high quality video services.

Benchmarking of VoLTE Services, a First Field Experience

In this white paper we take an in depth look at speech quality for three recently launched VoLTE services in the U.S. The information presented is based on real world data collected from an end-to-end perspective – simulating the end user experience.
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Testing LTE-Advanced

LTE-Advanced comprises multiple features enhancing the basic LTE technology firstly specified in 3GPP Release 8. LTE including the LTE-Advanced improvements was approved by ITU to comply with IMT-Advanced requirements and thus being a true 4G mobile communication system. The different technology components of LTE-Advanced have different market priorities and require different testing strategies. This application… Read more »
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R&S®DDF007 Locating radio transmitters

This application brochure describes how the R&S®DDF007 can be used as a fixed or mobile DF station, or as a portable manual direction finder for indoor applications, and can be reconfigured within minutes to meet the requirements of a given task. The R&S®DDF007 comes with a wide range of powerful software options and add-ons, making… Read more »
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R&S®PR100 Locating a signal source

This application brochure describes the procedure for locating a signal source using an R&S®PR100 portable receiver and an R&S®HE300 active directional antenna.