Test Platform Designed for 5G

R&S®CMX500: Test Platform Designed for 5G

Commercial wireless devices have become increasingly complex over the years. The modern wireless device supports an ever-increasing number of wireless technologies – both cellular and non-cellular. The addition of 5G NR is a massive leap in technology for modern wireless devices. Support for 5G NR requires development and verification of FR1 (sub6GHz) and FR2 (mmW), FDD & TDD, Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) operation.

Today’s Release 15 networks and devices are the foundation of 5G NR. But this is just the beginning for 5G as Release 16, 17 (URLLC, Industrial IOT) and beyond push 5G to grow into the revolutionary wireless technology promised to change the world as we know it. It is therefore crucial to have a flexible test solution that scales to address the complete 5G technology revolution and complexity of test, with support for cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies and all test applications in a single platform.

R&S CMX500 is the ultimate wireless device 5G test solution, with unmatched flexibility, covering all 5G technologies and test applications.

Solution Description

The CMX500 is an ideal solution for the demanding research, development and certification requirements of a 5G wireless device. With unmatched performance and flexibility, the R&S CMX500 addresses the complete wireless device test lifecycle from R&D to design and validation, conformance and network operator (NetOp) and regulatory testing.

This single solution supports all critical test applications required throughout the development and certification of 5G wireless devices: RF Parametric (Tx/Rx), Data Performance (PQA), Application Test (Audio/Video/IP Security), Protocol Development, Conformance (RF/RRM/Protocol/LBS), Network Operator Supplemental and Non-Signaling Test (calibration, etc.).

Designed for 5G NR signaling test in sub 6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) frequency bands, the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester seamlessly integrates into customer’s existing Rohde & Schwarz CMW500-based test solutions.

Built for all of 5G including max data rates at the application layer. The CMX500 was designed for 20Gbps E2E IP Data Rates. The platform is made from state-of-the-art modular hardware meant to cover the complete 5G technology wave.

Modular architecture. The CMX500 can be optimized to support FR1-only, FR2 SISO and/or FR2 MIMO. The modular nature makes CMX500 future-proof for 5G scenarios.

Unified Hardware Platform for all 5G test applications. RF, application testing, protocol development, conformance & NetOp, regulatory and compliance, and non-signaling.

Unified Software Platform for all 5G test applications. Single Unified Web-Based User Interface for Protocol Development, RF Parametric Test, RF pre-conformance and Application Test.

Can leverage the industry-leading CMW500. CMX500 can be seemlessly combined with CMW500s. Customers can protect their existing investments in CMW500 while expanding capabilities to 5G NR FR1/FR2/NSA/SA/FDD/TDD.

Addresses technology demands for the LTE to 5G evolution. CMX500 combined with CMW500 covers 5G NR FR1 & FR2, LTE, CATM, CAT-NB, non-cellular and other legacy requirements. 5G devices are not only required to support 5G NR, but also the latest LTE-A-Pro, WLAN (802.11ac/ax) and Bluetooth (BT LE 5.0/5.1) features along with maintaining support for legacy 2G/3G technologies.

Unparalleled Support for all 5G and LTE

The CMX500 is not an evolution of an existing LTE platform to support short-term demands of 5G, the CMX platform was designed to cover complete 5G lifecycle including IP End-to-End Application Layer Data Performance up to 20Gbps.

The ability to work seemlessly with the CMW500 makes the combination of CMX+CMW500 the most capable wireless device test solution in the world.  The CMW500 platform continues to support the LTE evolution. LTE-Advanced-Pro (Releases 13-15) allows for higher-order carrier aggregation (up to 8 carriers) combined with high-order MIMO scenarios (up to 8×4) combined with high-order modulation (up to 1024QAM DL & 256QAM UL).

Completely Scalable 5G Solution

Combined with a CMWflexx, the R&S CMX500 extension seamlessly adds support for 5G NR. The CMX500 extension adds 5G capabilities to a CMWflexx station in a modular way, ensuring existing investments are protected by leveraging your existing test solution, minimizing learning curve and maximizing efficiency of test. The CMX500 can be optimized to support FR1-only, FR2 SISO and/or FR2 MIMO. This modular design with the CMX500 helps future-proof future 5G test scenarios.

The Perfect Complement

CMX500 is the perfect complement to several other products in the R&S portfolio. CMX500 and CMW500 combine to simulate nearly any commercial wireless network. Adding the ATS800R or ATS1800C Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) chamber provides a direct-far field environment in a compact space for FR2 testing. Adding the SMBV100B Signal Generator creates an AGNSS/Wi-Fi positioning and C-V2X test solution.

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