Complete Wireless Device Testing from 2G to 5G

Flexible Platform for all Wireless Technologies and Test Applications

Commercial wireless devices have become increasingly complex over the years; the modern wireless device supports an ever-increasing number of wireless technologies – both cellular and non-cellular. This growth is set to continue as devices move towards 5G. It is therefore crucial to have a flexible test solution that scales to address the technology evolution and complexity of test, with support for cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies and all test applications in a single platform.

R&S® CMWflexx is the ultimate wireless device test solution, with unmatched flexibility, covering all cellular and non-cellular technologies and test applications. 

Solution Description

The CMWflexx is an ideal solution for the demanding research, development and certification requirements of a wireless device. With unmatched performance and flexibility, the R&S CMWflexx addresses the complete wireless device test lifecycle from R&D to design and validation, conformance and network operator (NetOp) and regulatory testing.

This is a single solution that supports all critical test applications required throughout the development and certification of wireless devices: RF Parametric (Tx/Rx), Data Performance, Application Test (Audio/Video/IP Security), Protocol Development, Conformance (RF/RRM/Protocol/LBS), Network Operator Supplemental and Non-Signaling Test (calibration, etc.).

One Platform for all Technologies. Supports all cellular and non-cellular technologies to ensure your test solution can expand as engineering demands increase, protecting your investment: 5G NR, LTE Advanced Pro (Rel. 8-15), WLAN a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth® Classic BR/EDR and LE 4.2/5.0/5.1, CIoT (Cat-M/NB-IoT) and all legacy 2G/3G technologies. 

One Platform for all test applications. RF, application testing, protocol development, conformance & NetOp, regulatory and compliance, and non-signaling.

Based on the industry-leading CMW500. A single-box solution for all cellular (2G/3G/4G) and non-cellular (Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth®) technologies

Addresses technology demands for the LTE to 5G evolution. CMWflexx combines multiple CMW500s to address high-performance features; alternatively CMW500s can be removed from CMWflexx and used independently to support parallel testing while maximizing test equipment investment.

Unparalleled Support for LTE-Advanced-Pro  Evolution

The CMWflexx platform continues to support the LTE evolution. LTE-Advanced-Pro (Releases 13-15) allows for higher-order carrier aggregation (up to 8 carriers) combined with higher-order MIMO scenarios (up to 8×4). The CMWflexx addresses this evolution by allowing individual CMW500s to be easily combined into CMWflexx solutions to cover Advanced CA / MIMO scenarios. CMWflexx is leading the way with support for critical ‘5G-LTE’ Release 13-15 features such as Gigabit LTE (up to and beyond 2Gbps LTE Cat20), uplink 256-QAM, DL 1024-QAM, 8×4 DL MIMO, 8CC carrier aggregation and more, with just a keycode.

The Solution for All Current and Future 5G Test Challenges

5G NR is the latest technology supported by the CMWflexx platform. Combined with a CMWflexx, the R&S CMX500 extension seamlessly adds support for 5G NR. The CMX500 extension adds 5G capabilities to a CMWflexx station in a modular way, ensuring existing investments are protected by leveraging your existing test solution, minimizing learning curve and maximizing efficiency of test. The CMX500 can be optimized to support FR1-only, FR2 SISO and/or FR2 MIMO. This modular design with the CMX500 helps future-proof future 5G test scenarios.  

The Perfect Complement

With the ability to simulate nearly any commercial wireless network, CMWflexx is the perfect complement to several other products in the R&S portfolio. CMWflexx and a SMBV100B Signal Generator combine to create a C-V2X or AGNSS/Wi-Fi positioning test solution. Adding a UPV audio analyzer creates an audio-quality test solution. The addition of an RT-ZVC multi-channel power probe provides a perfect test solution for power management and battery life testing. 

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