CATR Rack based antenna test system

The R&S®ATS800R CATR rack-based antenna test system is the ideal environment for 5G antenna, module and device characterization throughout the entire process from R&D to design verification – for both active and passive devices.  Thanks to its compact design, the R&S®ATS800R supports far-field over-the-air RF measurements in labs of any size. It helps optimize the overall RF performance of RF modules in the early phases of development. This prevents costly and time-consuming modifications for a large number of prototypes at a later stage. Over-the-air RF testing during development reduces costs and keeps the product launch on schedule with a faster time to market. One-stop-shop solutions combining the R&S®ATS800R with a Rohde&Schwarz test system ensure fast and smooth measurements in the lab and provide optimized capabilities for determining a 5G device’s antenna performance and characteristics in the millimeterwave range. In summary, the R&S®ATS800R antenna test system is a convenient and accurate solution for testing 5G modules in the new 5G millimeterwave frequency bands in a compact rack based setup.

Key Facts

  • Very compact far-field over-the-air (OTA) test system based on compact antenna test range (CATR) technology
  • Unrivaled measurement frequency range within 0.8 m2
  • State-of-the-art reflector ensuring a high quiet zone accuracy
  • Unique rack based CATR system supporting over 50 GHz
  • Indirect far-field method (approved by 3GPP for 5G OTA testing)


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