CATR conformance chamber system for mmWave test

5G NR compliant device test and antenna characterization in a small footprint

Different from previous technologies in the past, 5G will require over-the-air testing for devices and components designed to work at millimeter wave (FR2). The R&S®ATS1800C is the turnkey chamber for far-field over-the-air RF measurements of 5G related devices and components. The chamber itself is easily transportable with wheels and has a footprint small enough to go through most doors, so it easily fits into R&D labs or test houses of all sizes.

Rohde & Schwarz is the one-stop-shop solution provider, offering the full range of testing equipment required to complement the R&S®ATS1800C and enable 5G conformance testing in the mmWave range. The solution is thus fully compliant with 3GPP standards, making it the most complete 5G test chamber.

Key Facts

The R&S®ATS1800C CATR based compact 5G NR mmWave test chamber is fully shielded from the outside world to provide the ideal environment for uninterrupted measurements of 5G antenna, module and device characterization throughout the entire lifecycle from R&D to conformance for both active and passive measurements (3D antenna gain patterns, ACLR, EVM, EiRP, TRP, EiS, etc.).

  • Mobile, compact and fully shielded. The wheels of the R&S ATS1800C make it easily transportable with a footprint of 1.3 square meters.
  • Large quiet zone. Supports a wide range of 5G DUTs with a large quiet zone of 30 cm.
  • State-of-the-art CATR reflector. A bi-directional parabolic reflector that collimates beams from the feed antenna or DUT, designed specifically to minimize scattering, which is critical at high frequencies.
  • 3D positioner with hardware triggering. The positioner’s angular resolution and relative accuracy are best in class, with the ability to support relatively heavy DUTS, which is often the case with the use of phantom heads and hands.


Complimentary Products

With the ability to simulate nearly any commercial wireless 5G FR2 network, the CMX500 is the perfect complement to the ATS1800C. CMX500 and ATS1800C are used together for RF and RRM conformance testing.  The addition of a FSW50 Spectrum Analyzer and TC-RSE90 Frequency down converter enable Spurious Emissions testing up to 90GHz.

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