Rohde & Schwarz is pleased to sponsor video excerpts from a newly released multimedia eBook that represents a comprehensive survey of the landscape of 5G and LTE-Advanced Pro technologies. The authors’ relevant industry experience enables the multimedia eBook to focus on the most fundamental and important aspects of various technologies, while its uniqueness stems from its use of a variety of multimedia elements including videos, podcasts, and interactive exercises-the first of its kind in the cellular industry. This multimedia eBook takes the learner through the journey from LTE/LTE-Advanced to LTE-Advanced Pro to 5G while providing a unique learning experience.


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5G Overview

5G New Radio



About the Authors

5G Cellular Communications: Journey and Destination A Multimedia eBook was developed by Dr. Nishith D. Tripathi and Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed.

Both Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Reed have prior experience of authoring books, conference papers, journal papers, and chapters of the books edited by others. Both Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Reed are educators. Dr. Tripathi teaches in industry at different types of companies and leads 5G research at Award Solutions. Dr. Tripathi is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech. Dr. Reed is a professor at Virginia Tech and leads wireless @ Virginia Tech. Together, they bring a unique combination of industry and academic experience.

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